AirFryer Review


Airfryer openThe AirFryer is a sleek kitchen appliance that allows you to cook crispy and tasty chips with little or no oil.
We recommend using a half table spoon of oil for freshly cut chips and no oil for frozen chips.
The result is lovely crispy chips with 80% less fat than chips cooked in a traditional fryer.

Philips AirFryer is fast, easy and safe to use. It can be used to cook french fries but also potatoes, snacks, meat and poultry.
With the food separator you can cook chips and meat at the same time!

How does it work?

Philips Airfryer with rapid air technology
Rapid Air technology

Because the food is cooked with air rather than oil, it creates less smell than conventional frying and the AirFryer is equipped with an integrated air filter to ensure that your kitchen stays fresh.

The oil-free fryer Airfryer uses a patented system called the “Rapid Air” system. It combines a grill with fast circulating hot air that will quickly cook your chips or other foods.

The Airfryer from Philips cooks with half a table spoon of oil. Also thanks to its food separator you can cook two foods at the same time.Quick, easy and healthy.
How to use the AirFryer?

The AirFryer is very simple to use.
Pre-heat the Airfryer for 3 minutes then put your chips into the drawer and set your timer. The manufacturer recommends cooking for 12 minutes but we recommend 20 to 25 minutes. Shake the chips once or twice during cooking.
Your AirFryer will automatically turn itself off when the set time is reached and it will make a sound to let you know that your chips are ready. Enjoy!

The AirFryer comes with a recipe booklet containing 30 easy-to-prepare recipes including brownies and quiches.

Adjustable temperature control & Timer

airfryer adjustable temperature control up to 200 degree Celsius The Philips AirFryer features a fully adjustable temperature control to cook your food at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Different food requires different cooking temperatures.

It also features a very quick and simple to use, yet very efficient timer with an auto-off function.

The AirFryer is also easy to clean as it is made of dishwasher-safe parts. Both the drawer and the basket feature a non-stick coating and they can be easily washed by hand or in a dishwasher.


It’s sleek and it’s the fastest model on the market. It cooks healthy and delicious chips (but so does the ActiFry Family). Its one drawback is its capacity. 800 g is not a lot of chips. It’s perfect for two people but it’s a little tight for three.

Airfryer from Philips