Halo Health Fryer Review

The Halo Health Fryer from Breville

The Halo Heath Fryer has been removed from our main comparison table due to some negative feedback from a few users.

It claims to cook, saute, roast, bake and fry. It has a capacity of 1 Kg and cooks freshly cut chips in 30 minutes.

How does it work?

The Halo Heath Fryer features a halogen heating element, a rotating bowl and paddle as well as a roasting rack.

Because the halogen heating element heats up very quickly, pre-heating is not necessary.

The Halo has a permanent odour filter to keep your kitchen fresh.

How to use the Halo Health Fryer?

Like all the other models reviewed on this site it is very simple to use. Load your freshly cut chips in the fryer and add a spoonful of oil. Close the lid, set the timer on and your work is done. 30 minutes later your chips are ready!


The Halo Health Fryer is a reasonably good appliance but it does not get the high marks that the AirFryer and the ActiFry achieved because it doesn’t have a “killer” feature. It hasn’t got the 1.5 Kg capacity of the ActiFry Family, nor has it got the speed of the AirFryer.
Further more the paddle can sometimes mush the chips.
And finally it lacks elegance compare to the other models.