Pressure Cookers

There 3 great advantages to using pressure cookers:

1- The food keep most of its nutrients – and taste.

pressure cookerIn numerous studies pressure cooking has been found to preserve the nutrients in food better than any other method of cooking?
When it comes to vitamins B and C for example pressure cookers have a retention rate of 90 to 95% while boiling as a retention rate of 40 to 75%, roasting 53 to 90% and steaming 75 to 90%.

2- Energy saving.

Pressure cookers cook food up to 70% faster than conventional cooking methods. Also when using a pressure cooker we use one pot on one burner rather than a several pots on several burners. With the price of energy going up all of the time savings like these quickly add up to real money.

3- Time saving.

As we already mentioned it cooks 70% faster than other cooking techniques and less cleaning. We are talking about significant time saving here!

Amazon best selling pressure cooker:

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Pressure cooker recipe books:

Here are a few books we have selected for you to help you make the most out of you pressure cooker. You will be amazed of much you can do with it!

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